How to build jicofo jvb docker image of new commits

How to build custom image of latest commit of jicofo and jvb. Because the image that is on docker hub does not contain the latest commit.

Can anyone help me out in this.

Thanks in Advance.

  1. Clone docker-jitsi repo.

  2. cd docker-jitsi-meet and run FORCE_REBUILD=1 JITSI_RELEASE=unstable JITSI_REPO=satyamsingh make command where satyamsingh is your docker hub username incase you want to push these images to docker hub. This command results in satyamsingh/base:latest, satyamsingh/base-java:latest, satyamsingh/web:latest, satyamsingh/prosody:latest, satyamsingh/jicofo:latest, satyamsingh/jvb:latest images.

  3. You can control which image you want to build by making changes in Makefile like below
    Change JITSI_SERVICES ?= base base-java web prosody jicofo jvb jibri jigasi to JITSI_SERVICES ?= base base-java jicofo jvb #web prosody jibri jigasi

base and base-java are the core images. if you want to build unstable then make sure you are building these images as well along with web, prosody or other images.

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Thanks for the response. I will look into it. And will response back in the same thread.

@metadata I have done that and pushed to docker hub but when I call that images from docker hub on another server. I am facing a configuration/certificate missing issue. As per understanding When we run docker composer up it will store all configuration in ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/. But how can I stored them in docker images. So that I can used docker images on another server.

@metadata I understand the process of using docker images. Thank You