How to build a gather town clone with jitsi?

New to jitsi, and I’m trying to build a small project to experiment. Specifically a gather town clone.

Looking at gather town (, how could jitsi do the same thing? I see how I could make something like zoom or google hangouts. Not sure if this is something that is supported or possible.

You should be able to do it by building on top of lib-jitsi-meet (GitHub - jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet: A low-level JS video API that allows adding a completely custom video experience to web apps.).

A quick search revealed this – GitHub - capnmidnight/Calla: Virtual Meetups through Jitsi – that might be similar to what you have in mind? If so, it could serve as a potential reference point.

Also, there are (unverified?) claims that is built on top of Jitsi ( No idea if this is true :man_shrugging:t4:

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Thank you, Shawn for the great links. Other than the documentation and reading github repos, are there tutorials/guides you’d recommend to better understand how to implement lib-jitsi-meet in this way? More a meta question on how best to learn.

I see calla as a pretty neat example. As well as this one: GitHub - thecodingmachine/workadventure: A collaborative web application (virtual office) presented as a 16-bit RPG video game