How to broadcast one to many video+audio through a server? And optionally add some of the viewers to the conference?

I want to broadcast a single video and audio feed to about 100 people… we’ll call them viewers.

Anybody who has access to the URL can just visit it and join in watching the broadcast which is initially filmed by a single participant.

I also want to have the option to allow some of those viewers (based on a cookie or something else that proves they’ve made a payment or are otherwise whitelisted to participate in the conference) to be upgraded to conference-participants (where their video and a dampened audio would ideally be spliced into the main broadcast video feed along the bottom).

I am comfortable with nginx, php, python, javascript, html+css so I am confident that I can get it done if only someone will point me in the right direction.

Thanks for reading!

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Is there a reason why you are considering something with as many moving parts as Jitsi just to stream content to 100 people? I mean, you could just use youtube, facebook, twitch, vimeo, or a zillion other services, many free.

A good reason to use Jitsi (or any webrtc video bridge) is if you need ultra-low latency for some reason – less than half a second. And 100 people is within the power of a single server, keeping it as simple as possible.

Another good reason is if you’re just geeking out about the coolness of it all.

But to do what you’re asking with jitsi, you can just have the publisher connect to your jitsi bridge like normal, using the full client, and have all the viewers connect using a pared-down client, hard-coded to join with audio and video muted – or pared down even more so they are just subscribing to the dominant talker, like a video player, essentially.

note: I’m an integrator myself – a user of jitsi for other business purposes – not a jitsi developer, so some of the more low-level people on this forum might have a more specific or optimized answer.

Thanks for that!

As to why I want to use jitsi over a third party video streamer…

My ultimate goal is to build a better service for live online yoga classes.

Right now the entire yoga world has subscribed to zoom… And it works… Pretty horribly imho… It’s built for corporate meetings, not yoga classes.

Zoom is great as the participants of the yoga class really enjoy saying hi to their friends, people they have known for years through the studio, and they like being able to talk to the teacher as well…

Also it helps of the teacher can see the participants which zoom allows for.

But the video is low quality, they play with the audio too apparently… In a constant game of muting whackamole as other participants make noise… or if you don’t make enough noise… (sometimes teachers speak softly and it mutes their mic) etc

Its just not ideal for broadcasting an interactive yoga class IMHO, and I want to take a stab at making it better for the studio that I love so much!

The viewers would be people who haven’t made a donation and are just interested in watching the love video…

And the conferencees would be people who have just made a donation prior to the class starting… Giving them the added benefit of being seen by the instructor and being able to communicate with the instructor and other donors.