How to become Jitsi partner?

Hello Jitsi team,

My name is Sean Jun and I work at the Machine Translation startup ( We are a startup that prides itself on the quality of our machine translation results.

I found a list of partners on the Jitsi website, but I can’t seem to find an official form where I can submit a partnership request.

I believe with our high-quality realtime translation, Jitsi can serve a wider range of audiences around the world. I would love to setup a meeting where we can demo our product and discuss future potential partnerships.

Thank you,

The partner’s page has companies providing their services for free to the Jitsi Team, mostly for the development of jitsi.
There is a translation service in Jigasi that can be used for real-time translation of the transcriptions. Recently a service for LibreTranslate was contributed to the project. Any PRs are welcome for integration with other services.

Thanks Dammencho,
Can you tell me where can I submit a PR?

You can look at jigasi/ at master · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub
and jigasi/ at master · jitsi/jigasi · GitHub