How to auto enable lobby for guests?

I have setup my own jitsi instance where only registered users can create new conferences. Guests can join once a conference is started by a registered user.
However, guests will join immediately when a registered user logs in and thereby starts the conference.
This leaves the registered user with no time to enable the lobby and keep potentially unwanted users out.

So, how can I keep guests from joining in the short time window between conference starting and lobby being enabled by hand? Can the lobby be automatically be enabled for all conferences?

Consider setting persistent passwords Persistent Passwords on Self Hosted Rooms - #10 by plokta
This seems to be the best known solution, while it is not exactly what you are asking for.
It has been discussed that having a lobby without a password can lead to locked up room if the moderator is kicked out due to e.g., internet fault.

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Thanks for the hint. That will certainly work if I want to have some private conference with a well known audience. However, this will not work in a semi-public setting. Take for example a university which publicly announces some seminar where everyone can attend in principle, but they want to use the lobby to check that everyone at least joins with a reasonable name (been there, done that).

I was more hoping that there would be a way to enable lobby only for guests, and that registered users would join right away, thus avoiding the possibly locked up room issue.

You can create the room, set the persistent password, close the room, and then annonce the link. After that, to enter the room, a participant has to enter the password (known to moderator only) or be passed in via lobby feature (once moderator started the meeting and enabled lobby).

Of course, you can distribute the password among the participants you trust, so that they can enter without lobby

This way, a participant can join either with a password or via lobby (without a password)

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Ah, now I understand. Thanks for clarifying. Yes, this would work well enough for me.