How to add to "Jitsi Meet" system functions : "Start recording" and "Start live stream"

Hello there. I wanted to ask you. I’m doing a private organization “jitsi meet” server for my diploma work. The organization wants, that in the system would be functions “Start recording” and “Start live stream”. I have tried to configure these functions on my server, but they don’t work. Can someone please answer, do i need an another one jitsi server for these functions work? Or is there an any other way in this situation? Maybe someone can send me the full guide, how to enable these functions on server, so they will work fine?
@damencho @saghul
Waiting for your reply!

follow this tutorial: TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI

for this tutorial is needed only one server for jibri? or i need to create a new one? @Derek_Owumi

same server you used to create instance

Okey, i will try. Thank you very much for your reply. If something wouldn’t work, i will wrote you!

no problem!

@Derek_Owumi Hello! I wanted to ask you, if i now have an old version of jitsi, it looks like this now (welcome page)

If i will follow this arcticle TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI , my jitsi meet welcome page won’t update to a new welcome page for example like this ? Because i need to save the old welcome page of the Jitsi meet
Waiting for your reply!!

This is Jitsi, not Jibri. If you want the new welcome page, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of Jitsi.

So i can do by arcticle and my welcome page will be the same, yeah?

You can install the new Jibri and keep your old welcome page, yes.

Okey, if something wouldn’t work i will reply here. Thanks @Freddie :slight_smile:

Hello, @Freddie and , @Derek_Owumi . I wanted to ask so if i don’t have now installed jibri on my server, and if i will follow this guide to install the latest jibri version: TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI would it work on my server and will be able to use function : “Start recording” and “Start live stream” ? Waiting for your reply!

it should work but you can also just use a shortcut which should automatically install it

What’s the shortcut? @Derek_Owumi You mean i need to use this article and do all step by step by this article? TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI

run this:

sudo su -l

wget -O jitsi-jibri-installer


bash jitsi-jibri-installer

@Derek_Owumi But i also can do by the article and running this script yeah, it’s not matter?

yes, correct. this script just speeds it up. it’s up to you :slight_smile: you can still edit after the script is done!

Thank you very mutch! I will try and if the function on my server woun’t work i will wrote you here okey? =)

sure no problem I’m ussually avaliable