How to add second jvb in manually installation deployment

I have deployment a jitsi following the “manually installation guide”

prosody, jicofo, web, jvb are all on different machines.

now I want to add another jvb. I read some doc:

those doc all mentions a file:
and paramter: JVB_OPTS

how to find it in the manually installation deployment ?

JVB_OPTS are the parameters you pass when you execute the file.

so the config file should be on the jvb machine ?

Is a file created and used when you install from debian package, when doing a manual install there is no such file.

thanks. so how to add a new JVB?
via muc ?
is it still possible to add as xmpp component ? is it possible to manually create the file and add --subdomain ?

Better use muc.

Yes, it is possible.

Yes, create it, but you need to use it in your manual scripts… or whatever you had added manually… the manual install is not recommended and as it is custom you are on your own …

I see in another doc:

The second approach is to use a muc room for registering the jvb instances.
In jvb config you need:


And in jicofo config:

the “jvb config” means the config file on JVB ? add into the /user/.sip-communicator/ ?

e.g. if I am using below command to start JVB
./ --host= --domain= --port=5347 --secret= &

I should add a subdomain like:
./ --host= --domain= --port=5347 --secret= --subdomain= &
right ?



thanks Dear Damian Minkov !!!

I will give it a try.