How to add rooms with password predefined

Hello community. I would like some help on how to set up rooms with predefined username and passwords for users. For example, I would like to create “Testroom” for a user and give him a password so he can invite the people he wants to his room but I don’t want him to have access to create other rooms. And the same with other people so they can have their individual rooms. Thanks for any help in this matter.

This is currently not possible out of the box. You will need to implement custom prosody module that will be checking these permissions from some service you have on users joining.

Thanks for the insight about this. Is is possible to use our CloudPBX SIP user accounts to authenticate them in the Jitsi Meet Server? If it is possible can you tell how can I make this prosody custom configuration?

All the authentication information and examples if custom module is needed is here