How to add password when creating room

Hi there, I need to add password when creating room. I use Jitsi-meet mobile sdk’s. (iOS and Android).
I can’t find in JitsiMeetConferenceOptions

Thanks a lot .

Hi @Anil_Taha_Uyar ,

I am also looking for this, did you get any solutions?

You can write a lua plugin like this:

require "ltn12";
module:hook("muc-room-created", function(event)
        local room =;
        if string.match(room['jid'], "org.jitsi.jicofo.healt") then
            -- do nothing
		local https = require("ssl.https")
		local pass, code, headers, status = https.request("https://your.server/?somesecuritymagic&conf="['jid']);


I have a requirement to send password for room meeting from code rather then asking it from user.

Does any one have idea how to achieve this.

Any idea?

I fixed it by creating a lua plugin like the example above.
The way i use it is that a frontend sends the password (and room name) to an api (that saves it in a database). When jitsi creates a room (the muc-room-created hook) this lua plugin will do a request to the same api to get the password. After it received this password the lua plugin will set the room password.

As far as i know you can’t send a password directly to jitsi (before entering the room). You can only do a request from jitsi to something like an api to try en get the password.