How to add new feature support in Jitsi in service discovery information?

Hi everyone, How are you doing.
I was hoping to add message edit/delete option in our system.
This doc says,

If a client implements message correction, it MUST specify the ‘urn:xmpp:message-correct:0’ feature in its service discovery information features as specified in Service Discovery (XEP-0030) [1] and the Entity Capabilities profile specified in Entity Capabilities (XEP-0115) [2].

Now I need to add this feature support in Jitsi. What I have done is

In lib-jitsi-meet xmpp.js file there is method called

I have added new line as this:


But looks like nothing changed. After querying for allowed discovered support it is not giving message correction feature in result.
Please anyone help with this, how to add/enable feature support in Jitsi ?

Adding the capability won’t just magically make it work, you’d have to actually implement the behavior.

after adding capability, what change can I expect , is there any log I can be certain that this feature is now enabled to be ready for implementation? and then If I write xmpp stanza for delete / edit message that will work?
or you mean to enable the capability there are implementation to be done. Please any guidance would be appreciated.

You should see it in the disco-info message response.

Now, I believe this might require server cooperation, and Prosody, our XMPP server of choice doesn’t seem to support it: XMPP Extensions (XEPs) supported in Prosody – Prosody IM

Once / if it does, you’d need to implement the necessary signalling messages and events.

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Oh, I see. Many thanks for the clarification.