How to add metadata to conference?

I’m trying to add a custom metadata to conference that can be accessed by every participant from wherever they joined the conference(by roomID, invitation link etc.) on mobile.

I tried adding metadata to the moderator and it kind of worked, but every participant who joined the room was being treated as a moderator. Which seems to be the default behavior according to this topic. Unless there’s a way to disable mod_muc_allowners.lua , which I was unable to find.
I could search participants with non-null custom metadata but that does not sound like a reliable solution to me.

Is there a way to attach a custom metadata to conference itself?

I’m developing on top of Jitsi Meet SDK 3.6.0.
Thanks in advance

What I did so far:
I passed the custom metadata via JitsiMeetConferenceOptions when creating the room. After getting the metadata on App.native.js, I updated the settings and retrieved those settings in createConference() of “base/conference/actions”. I believe I failed to attach the said metadata to conference itself at this stage.

It seems from your tags that you are using lib-jitsi-meet with; note that from this post it’s said to not be allowed (although in fairness reading the TOS myself I have never seen where this was said).

Anyway, If you are running your own server there is no problem disabling the allowners module since it’s not enabled by default.

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Thank you for your answer. I’m using jitsi-meet with

my guess is that’s the same issue. The beef that 8x8 has with using a SDK is that it allows to hide the advertisement. The (allowed) iFrame Api don’t hide ads. When you use a portable SDK you have the same capability to not display ads and as such it’s not allowed. You have better either to invest in your own infra or cough some money for JAAS when you get in production (AFAIK it’s allowed to use lib-jiti-meet for dev against beta server)

Coming back to your question since I did not answer it really :-). And maybe me taking interest to it contributed to other readers of this forum thinking it was solved.

Unfortunately I have no ready made answer.
What I think - but it’s not a well considered thought based on real experience, just on reading code - is that it’s not possible this way because options you set at the Javascript level must be transferred to the Prosody server, and as Prosody and XMPP are XML based, it’s unlikely that a XML based system can have arbitrary tags, it’s not in the spirit of XML to have things outside of the schema.
So in your place (if you are still here), I’d consider taking a look on how it’s done with the recent added poll system, that is, managing a table in a custom Prosody plug-in and updating it from the client with ad-hoc stanzas, because it’s at the moment relatively new and as such relatively simple to understand.

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