How to add leave feedback option in docker-jitsi-meet

I see leave feedback button and Embeed meeting option in, but is not reflected in my docker-jitsi-meet-5076. Do I need to enable those options in interface_config.js ?


You need to enable callstats

I will try that.


Do you mean this setting in config.js ?

/ To enable sending statistics to you must provide the
// Application ID and Secret.
// callStatsID: ‘’,
// callStatsSecret: ‘’,


hmm. Requires a paid membership on No issues.

btw @damencho , can you help me with this issue please ?

Don’t have much experience with docker, sorry


No issues, just one more question. If I have to accommodate 150-200 users without using docker, what do I need to do ? And can it be done ? Is there any solution available for it ?

You can deploy multiple bridges that connect to the prosody and jicofo will start balancing between them …

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