How to add key bindings?


I’d like to add a key binding for toggling the tile view (which seems to be missing from the version of jitsi-meet packaged in the Debian packages but is available on the public instance) and the “everybody follows me” function.

Is it possible to add a keybinding without rebuilding the application?

What would be the easiest way to add key bindings?

I’m comfortable modifying the config.js and interface_config.js or adding more JavaScript to the application, but if possible I’d like to avoid having to build the app myself.


You need the sources, modify them, rebuild and re-deploy.

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Ok, thanks! Do you know why the w shortcut (for toggling the tile view) is missing from the packages? :slight_smile:

Probably you are using latest stable which do not have it. Latest packages (unstable) have it. We will soon move the unstable to stable

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