How to add delete for meetings button on welcome page

Hello! I wanted to ask, can someone please help me to make this button, so people on my server can easily delete meetings without clearing theyre cache if this will work. I have the simple jitsi meet instance. Because it would be very comfortable to use this function.
Waiting for your reply!!

That should be there by default. How did you install?

Hello! I installed jitsi meet by this arcticle: How To Install Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean
My Jitsi Meet is older version that has, so i want to add delete button on welcome page

What is your version?
Maybe you need to reinstall it for latest features

Hello, @emrah . I’m doing a private jitsi meet server for organization and it also will be my diploma theme. And organization wants to leave the older version. So maybe you know how to add a button to the old version? @damencho

Nope, I have never tried to mix the different components from different versions

@damencho you don’t know how to do a button? Or at old version you can’t create this button?