How to add custom share screen button, that shares the screen with one click

How to add the custom share screen button that just shares the screen with one click (no pop-up window to select the screens). Just one click and the screen shares that’s it.

Also tell me how to access the code from inside the terminal, I’m using digital ocean for this.

I would be gald if anyone want to come and help me then.

That pop-up window is displayed by Chrome, not Jitsi. Chrome does not allow the web application to bypass it, as this would be a security issue (the user may not wish for some part of their screen to be revealed).

If you control the client, you can run Chrome with --auto-select-desktop-capture-source="Entire screen" (or other values) to skip the pop-up.

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You seem to think of Jitsi-meet as a platform that allows easy customizing with something like a macro language. It’s not, there is easy customizing through configuration options like most software, or customization through code that comes with heavy learning curve and high maintenance cost.