How to add custom e2ee keys to Jitsi Meet?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out how do I interrupt the generation of encryption keys in my Jitsi-Meet forked core and set my own key when the moderator turns on e2ee.
I managed to find out how to set the media encryption key for the users that join the meeting but I can’t seem to find where I can set the initial one.

I remember that the old version used to have a modal window where you can set your own e2ee key if you wanted to but that seems to have been cut out. I was trying to find any hints to this in the code but no luck so far.

I’m looking for something like externallyManagedKey: true that is present in the react sdk but I also need to understand where I can actually put my key generation in.

Any help would be very appreciated, thank you in advance.

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I think your best bet to get help for this is from @saghul as he’s the expert on this

@damencho @saghul
Hey guys, really need some help on this matter.
Looking forward to you reply.

Yeah, it’s really nice to have this feature. For example, if I would like to use manually generated keys.

I’ve been trying to do the same for a while, any updates on this guys?