How to add any new app to the menu?

I am running a docker jitsi meet instance. I wanted to know, how can I deploy a new app to this menu


I have deployed multiple docker applications and I want that whenever I click that button, the desired application should open, and when I click it again, it should close. Just like Open Shared Document, Close Shared Document.

for example, I have running as a docker container, and I want a button here which will open my inside jitsi

Has anybody worked on something similar ? @damencho ?

Answered here

You need to build from source.

Hope this helps!

@saghul any help here ? Strictly for the docker-jitsi-meet instance

That’s not currently possible. You’d need to first implement it in Jitsi Meet and then build new Docker images once the change has landed. We don’t support adding arbitrary apps as such.