How to add and configure a new prosody plugin file locally?

I am trying to add a new prosody plugin lua file. I have created it in jitsi meet prosody plugin folder.
Now need to enable it under Component “” “muc”
modules_enabled section.
Now after I run docker compose the jitsi-meet.cfg.lua file is resetting everything.
How can I add this change?

One of these 2: docker-jitsi-meet/env.example at 88bb1bccd09231766f94e7ef2dd3eb977e446a72 · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub

Thank you. Worked. :slight_smile:

hi @saghul . just a generic question.
I want to pass some data from my jitsi meet frontend browser to Jigasi/Jicofo.
is there any method I can do that?
Or, i will send xmpp msg to Prosody and then listen event fire in Jigasi?

We don’t have a generic mechanism, other than XMPP itself, that is.

I see. So, what should I do if want to pass through XMPP.