How to add and call a new Jicofo rest API from Jitsi meet front end?

I want to call api (POST) request at Jicofo endpoint (localhost for now).
So, what should be the url?
for Jicofo is port 8080 the end point?
I am running from docker.

Thank you damencho, so jicofo rest api port should be exposed at 8888.
But when I am listin docker containers of localhost:

CONTAINER ID   NAMES                         PORTS
b5ea228f8688   docker-jitsi-meet_jvb_1>4443/tcp, :::4443->4443/tcp,>10000/udp, :::10000->10000/udp
6668aaff575d   docker-jitsi-meet_jicofo_1    
61ec0390ae32   docker-jitsi-meet_prosody_1   5222/tcp, 5280/tcp, 5347/tcp
08a2c2190570   docker-jitsi-meet_web_1>80/tcp, :::8000->80/tcp,>443/tcp, :::8443->443/tcp

for jcofo no port is shown. Do I need to add something?

Now worked. in port 8888 api hit can be sent

hi @damencho. Can i send request via https? so tls-port 8843 will be used?
How can I configure that.
e.g: I will call api url from client like this: