How to add a prerecorded video to an online meeting (live to Youtube)

Hi from Genoa Italy.
I run several webinars/week for my Psychiatric professional YouTube Channel (
Normally I use ZOOM but I’d like to try to use JITSI as it seems promising a lot.
As newbee I have some question to understand:
a) can I connect OBS as virtual cam? I need this to allow me to run a prerecorded video in the beginning of the webinar
b) is it possible to avoid this, running directly the video footage to the meeting with JITSI?
c) I would like to use this platform also for NOT LIVE INTERVIEWS (directly shared to YouTube) is it possible to feed the contents (i.e audio and video from the interviewed remote person) from the event created with JITSI to my videomixer at the best quality possible which accept hdmi signal?

no help from the forum?


Greetings from Australia.

Here are a few basic ideas:

  1. If you can put your “prerecorded video” on YouTube, then you could use the “Share a YouTube video” option to share your video during the webinar.

  2. If you use the option to stream to YouTube, you can have larger numbers of people watch your meeting similar to a webinar. I don’t think you would want all your viewers to be part of the meeting itself, so this could be a way to hold your webinar.

  3. If the Jitsi server you are using is installed with the ability to record a meeting, then you could, at a later time, play back this recording through your videomixer (or a software video mixer). Would 720p (Jitis HD) be high enough quality for you? If not, then Jitsi servers can be set for 1080p, but you would want the meeting with the “interviewed remote person” to be in HD, and for Jitsi that would be dependent on Internet bandwidth, the “interviewed remote person” webcam, etc.

FYI: I am reasonably new to Jitsi myself. It is an amazing product.

Hi George
a) normally a make webinars with few persons involved in the debate, People follow the streaming event from my YouTube channel. Normally I use ZOOM to do this connecting the ZOOM meeting to my youtube channel for the live streaming (
b) sorry to say that ZOOM allows ONLY 720P resolution so if JITSI allow 1080 P it would be great to me
c) my problem is to understand IF I can “send” with my HDMI PC output what “happens” in JITSI event to my audio/video Mixer or in reverse if I can send my videomixer output with an HDMI TO USB converter as “webcam” to JITSI
As I’m new about this app NOT about webinar I’m looking for a best solution for my professional webinars and for my remote interview. I know that no app no application is perfect but I see ZOOM as a toll most for close webinars rather then a professional tool for live streaming with MORE THE ONE PERSON INVOLVED
I hope to have help in this field to clarify mu ideas about

I don’t think Jitsi was designed for the task you are wanting to use if for, however I believe it can do what you want it to do. You may need to have someone local host a Jitsi server for you, configured to your needs. Maybe people from 8x8 could assist you with paid support?

Please search this Jitsi community posts of what others are doing regards Live Streaming to YouTube and playing YouTube videos.

If you search this community for posts about voicemeeter, you may learn how others are using Jitsi for their special needs.

I have been gaining ideas by searching this forum over the past about two months.

I have set up my own Jitsi server, mainly as a test and possibly for use by a local and small PC users’ group to meet online during COVID lock downs and social distancing.

I have disabled live streaming and recording as these components added more complexity to the installation, and were not necessary for my needs.

What I have found is that high quality video requires greater Internet bandwidth. Due to the distances and remote areas people live in Australia, many people do not have good Internet bandwidth and/or reliable connections. So while I have been personally exploring better video quality, Jitsi may not be the best solution for the PC Users group.

These are my settings for higher quality video. If you search the Jitsi community posts for “1080” or “1080p”, you should be able to find posts where other people have been using higher quality video than the standard HD that is in the default Jitsi installation.


    resolution: 1080,
    constraints: {
         video: {
             height: {
                 ideal: 1080,
                 max: 1080,
                 min: 240
    liveStreamingEnabled: true,
    videoQuality: {
       maxBitratesVideo: {
            low: 200000,
            standard: 500000,
            high: 8000000
        minHeightForQualityLvl: {
            360: 'standard',
            720: 'high'

sorry to say that it is hard to me to understand your reply.
A) I HAVE NO PROBLEM to intall on my mighty PC a jitsi server as I have a fiber connecction to the net that runs at light speed BUT I’m NOT able to do this
B) what I mean is that I’d like to try to use JITSI as ALTERNATIVE TO ZOOM eventually more configurable
c) my needs are: 1) make webinars to be feed to my YouTube channel as I do with ZOOM 2) TRY to use JITSI as instrument to make REMOTE INTERVIEW to be a) recorded on my PC at the highest quality b) feed eventually to my audio/video mixer conneccted to my PC with an HDMI INPUT
Thiese are my needs
best from Genoa Italy