How to adapt to mobile phones using the JitsiMeetExternalAPI in iframe Install & Config meet sdk

  1. I build an electron app.
  2. Add @jitsi/electron-sdk:3.0.16 deps, and refer IFrame API | Jitsi Meet start a meeting in iframe.
  3. I did some custom messages and other developments action, and it’s works well on electron.
  4. Then I build the renderer part of electron to a web project with index.html, css, js and images.
  5. It’s all right on a PC, but it’s not adaptable on a phone, such as the size of button bar, please refer to the attached screen shot.

Did I miss the config.js properties or any configuration in the interface_config.js?
How about making it looks the same as on the phone?


Not sure what you mean by this. If you’re loading Jitsi using IFrame API, then perhaps you’re missing something like this on the parent HTML page: