How to acheive 300+ participants on self hosted environment using Jitsi + Octo + Multiple JVBs?

Hello Team,

Thank you for such great work for developing Jitsi!

We are planning to launch our website with Jisti as video conferencing platform in the first week of next month.
Our website gives ability to Users to create video sessions, in which other people can join and have discussion.
For our current platform configuration, We use Digital Ocean:

Basic Jitsi Meet server(including JVB 1)

8 GB / 4 CPUs

160 GB SSD disk

5 TB transfer

Extra JVB server (connects with Jitsi meet main server)


4 GB / 2 CPUs

25 GB SSD disk

4 TB transfer

My question is:

Question 1 : What type of approach/architecture I should use for allowing my website to:

  • host concurrent 10 sessions on our website only(Not broadcasting on youtube)
  • 300 participants, and how many participants I can take with Video ON ?

Question 2: I have read about upscaling jitsi and multiplying the JVB servers, but I am guessing that will only help me to run concurrent meetings smoothly, not helping with the participant count . Or does it?

Question 3: I have also read about implementing OCTO( ), but would it help in my scenario and bump up the participant count in a single meeting?

Question 4: Restriction to One Specific Host for a particular link

  • Is there a way to restrict a user to only host a single meeting at a time?, Is there any way to restrict meeting creation on the basis of email used count on Jitsi server.

Question 5: Can we only allow few people with specific links to host a meeting and others only join as participants?

  • I once accomplished it using Docker and JWT keys, but then I was not able to setup JWT on normal instance( Looking into it more).

  • Just asking to know if there is any easier way to do this ?

Question 6 : How do you test your JITSI setup with participants on it ?

  • I tried with two laptops with 10 browser windows connecting to the same meeting, but after a while laptops got hanged, Network bandwidth got consumed as both laptops were on same network.

  • I tried using some automation tools, but they are also using y chrome browser to execute only.

  • Is there a remote tool of testing which doesn’t use all of my bandwidth, or something that I can host it on separate server, which will use that server network.

  • I need to check for 300 participants joining in a single meeting at least.

Quetsion 7 : Can we hide some of the share and other features in mobile SDK using some links and options like in web?

We need your help, please provide your valuable inputs and suggestions.

@ damencho