How to access "root" so that I can edit ".jitsi-meet-cfg" and why does ".jitsi-meet-cfg" get generated in root?

Hello, so my “.jitsi-meet-cfg” folder in “~” folder is empty. With some research, I found out that this is because of the fact that the real “.jitsi-meet-cfg” folder is in “root”. However I do not have access to root. Whenever I say

cd root

I receive an error. Thus I cannot see or make changes on in any of the folders in .jitsi-meet-cfg. What to do?

Change the config location in the .env to an absolute path to your home directory like /home/codertyrer/.jitsi-meet-cfg instead of the current config ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg

It is created in /root/.jitsi-meet-cfg because like many users you are probably calling “sudo docker-compose up” and therefore all the environment is set up as root.

I’ll try it.

Thank you it worked.