How to access camera stream / Making Jitsi System Diagram

Hey Folks,

I’m working with a team of students on a jitsi based project. We are trying to stream a second video stream at super low resolution and frame rate eg. 50x50x5fps.

This stream should be viewable to people who aren’t in the jitsi meeting, so it would need separate routing, or alternatively we could perhaps make one big stream with hundreds of these together.

Either way we’d like to access the same reference to the camera jitsi is using, make an ultra low data rate version, and then forward it using the same networking systems jisti is using.

We’re also eager to help contribute to the jitsi, and have been working on some assets as well.

We note there is no diagram for the jitsi architecture, so please see a few diagrams we have been able to come up with that relate to our problem as well. - having multiple meetings a user can move between.
Please let us know if we can help create similar diagrams for jitsi in general.

If you can help us see where to get access to the raw camera feed in the code that would be great.

Also, please let us know what you think of these diagrams and how we could make it more useful to the community.

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Hi JessieZ,

I’m not a devoloper but i’m also trying to get access to the camera feed. Please take a look at this PR where tflanagan is trying to develop a green screen module for Jitsi.

I think that this method: const localVideo = getLocalVideoTrack(state[‘features/base/tracks’]); located in actions.js is what you will need.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: