How the start meeting directly on click

I am trying to start meeting directly onclick of a button in my app.
Ie >
click button > API with query params(i pass the atendee, moderator, room names) redirects to a started meeting (without having to enter the name and “start meeting” CTA.

how to disable the view?

Do you want to disable prejoin page?


yes, indeed

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As emrah mentioned, use config.prejoinPageEnabled=false to disable that screen.

But if you’re redirecting from an app and you know the name of the user, it helps if you also pass in the display name so all the participants are identifiable and they don’t have to manually change their profile in jitsi.

Do something like this:"Donnie Darko"

If you also have their email, pass it on too and they will be able to use gravatar to specify their avatar."Donnie Darko"&"donnie@dar.ko"