How the load balancing works?

What setup we have:

  • A Jitsi server with three JVBs (Each one on a different server)
  • One conference hosted in the first JVB that uses 60% of the CPU
  • The rest of the JVBs are doing nothing


  • A new conference got created so by default it should also go to the first JVB (since it’s CPU usage is low)
  • Many participants joined the second conference that the first JBV can no longer handle

Jitsi reactions:

  • Jitsi will transfer the second conference to another JVB without interrupting the conference


  • Jitsi will get stuck and both conferences will have a bad experience

Please tell me which possibility will happen ??? , I’ve been searching for more than a week without an answer

CPU usage is not a limiting factor for JVB in most cases. Probably the network traffic will be a bottleneck.

AFAIK it goes to the second JVB and the next one goes to the third JVB… If OCTO is active then the participants are distributed to the JVBs regardless of the rooms they are in.

In my tests I saw that the conferences will be transfered to a healty server when a JVB down. The participants aren’t affected (only 1-2 sec frozen video)

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Thank you so much bro, you have saved my life, I thought that I will do the load balancing on my own, because I want to ensure for 100% that no one will have a bad experience, and there is no easy to find informations about it, thanks again :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: