How the Jibri Select which Loopback device to use

I am wondering, when we turn on the microphone, how Jibri choose the loopback device? .asoundrc file can only accommodate 1 bsnoop setting, how do I set up more? I am trying to install 2 Jibri instances in a machine without docker. I only left the audio section where each Jibri should use different Loopback device. Any help will be appreciated.

You need to create more snd-aloop devices

and to create a custom .asoundrc for each jibri instance
customizing .asoundrc

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@emrah Thank you for your reply. I already created more snd-aloop devices. If I would customize a new .asoundrc, how do the jibri know which .asoundrc to use? Because I am running jibri with root user tho.

I don’t know your design but you will need a seperate desktop environment for each recording. The easiest way is to use an isolated environment like containers.