How stable is OCTO? is it still disabled are streams always forwarded to regions even if no users yet?

how stable is OCTO? we are evaluating jitsi’s features for possible usage in our enterprise. came across some issues found back in November and that it was disabled on what were those issues and were they ever resolved? would octo be a stable enough to support distributed loads of 20k-100k simultenous streams across hundreds or thousands of simultaneous calls?

also, in OCTO if we had 5 different regions, and lets say 10 users that were connected in a single conference but spread out across 3 of those regions, aka like 3 users on region1, 3 users on region2, and 4 users on region3, does everyone stream get forwarded to region4 and region5 even if no users are connected to any bridges there? the documention seemed to indicate it does but I would like clarification on that.

also, separate from all the above for OCTO, is it possible to bridge streams across 3 regions in the following scenario -> lets say servers in region1 can only connect to servers in region2, and servers in region3 can only connect to servers in region2. therefore region2 can connect to both region1 and region3. but region3 cannot connect directly to region1 (and vise versa). so if users connect to servers in region1, their streams must be proxied across region2 to get to users that are connected to servers in region3. is that possible with OCTO?

any clarification here? just watched another youtube vid where they said the streams are forwarded to all the bridges in a full mesh…