How should I enable Incoming call feature in Jitsi?

We are using Jitsi meet for our video conferencing platform. Now we want to add an incoming call feature to our application. Does Jitsi support incoming calls? If yes, Is there any guide or document regarding the same to enable the feature?

Thanking you in advance.

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if by that you mean accept phone calls to an existing meeting, yes, it’s called Jigasi, a gateway to SIP systems such as typically Asterisk. If you are searching for some videocall system, that’s not Jitsi-meet, although it could possibly be developed with the low-level API, lib-jitsi-meet.

Thanks for the reply.
But we want to implement incoming video call feature like Skype or Teams. How to enable that in app SDK?

you want free consulting on the Internet ? it’s usually worth the price you pay. Unless someone has already developed the system many ideas are half-baked and may turn into costly deadends. Doing your own research is best.