How set a default password?

Hallo please someone can tell me how set a defaul password on this code ?

         var krystine = '{{jClsName}}';
         // Call APi an dget full user details here
          var domain ="";
          var options = {
          roomName: krystine,
          height: 693,
          parent: undefined,
          configOverwrite: {
          requireDisplayName: true
          interfaceConfigOverwrite: {
          filmStripOnly: false ,
      var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
     api.executeCommand('displayName', userName);

I tried to put
api.executeCommand(‘password’, ‘123456’);
but not work.
Thanks for help

If you want to set the password for a room, you need to set the password after you join the conference, listen for that event and then execute it.
If you set it before that, it is to be used as a passcode to enter the room if that is required.