How New User getting previous chat history (20) when he joins already running conference?

Hi. I am trying to get from where new user is getting previous chat history of a meeting?
As, there should be Prosody module to handle that and also some configuration to achieve this.
But, in prosody config file, there is no mod_mam or message history module listed to send history to new user.

So, is new user himself requesting fro message history? Please anyone can give the flow of this.
Also, is it possilble to load all the Chat messages in jicofo side?

Thank you @emrah for replying.
I’ve seen that post. but what I am asking that how new user is getting previous 20 chat messages although no prosody module is found to be enabled.

In this config file you will find that no
muc_mam or muc_room_default_persistent is present. Still in browser new user is getting message hostory.

This is coming from prosody, when user joins it receives the last x messages, 20 by default.

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Thank you damencho. the history.lib.lua file, does it need to add in jitsi resources/prosody-plugins folder?
I mean I am not finding this in that folder.

No, this is prosody source code. I’m just pointing it from where is that comming.

If we want to increase default value from 20 can we do it

You can set it in prosody config with max_history_messages.

In jitsi-meet.cfg.lua file?

Are you using docker?

yes, running from docker in localhost

I got curious and looked at source – from what I can gather, looks like max_history_messages changes the max allowed value but not the actual value used. So to go above 20, we’d need to set both max_history_messages and muc_room_default_history_length (source) ?

Re docker, not sure what’s the best way to set those configs. But looks like you can inject global configs using the GLOBAL_CONFIG env var.

hi, how can I inject ?

I don’t use the docker setup, so never tried. But according to docs, perhaps add something like this to your .env file:

GLOBAL_CONFIG="max_history_messages = 50;\nmuc_room_default_history_length = 50;"

P.S. I’m only speculating about all these since I’ve never tried. No idea if it will work. Someone more knowledgeable will be able to give you better advice.

No issue, me too, I am exploring different things, so don’t have clear knowledge about these configs.
you pointing out is definitely helpful to me to explore whether it works or not. :slightly_smiling_face:

ok, I have added max_history_messages and muc_room_default_history_length to 50 in .env file, but still loading 20 messages. so may be something other needs to be done