How much simultaneous conferences can be there?

I am newbie to jitsi meet. I just want to know about scalability of jitsi video bridge.

If i would buy this instance of ubuntu server. How many video conferences can be there simultaneously?
For example, In order to run 1000 simultaneous conferences each with about 50 participants, Which server i need to buy?

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For that you will need a pool of jvbs, very very roughly 100 of those. We use c5.xlarge for jvb instances.


Hi damencho, i like to clarify this. Do you mean for 100 jvbs, you only need 1 unit of c5.xlarge to run 100 jvbs or 100 units of c5.xlarge to run all 100 jvbs ? This is important to consider costs per month at aws.

Every jvb running on its own c5.xlarge

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@damencho But how can i setup multiple jvbs on its own c5.xlarge?
And one more question, How many conferences can be there simultaneously if i use only single jvb running on single c5.xlarge instance?

Depends on size of conferences. There are no official numbers to mention … That’s why in general you make an autoscaling group and monitor the usage and adjust your rules based on what you see. You can base for example on avg machine load and keeping it below certain level.