How much conference room currently running on my own jitsi server and its name or where should i prevent to making same room with exiting name again?

Hello Jitsi Team,

Here my requirement is about the use of jitsi capabilities with them whom i shared a room link.after the conversation the room link should be destroyed and link never work or no one can create the room with this exiting room name what should i do and in which file i can track this.


There is no such functionality at the moment.

okay, where is the record saved, of exiting conference room that we created and can see on home screen.

You are asking about the recent meetings time on the welcomepage, this is just saved in localstorage of the browser what URLs the app had visited, so you can quickly rejoin.

Is there a way to destroy the created rooms after they have been used ? Basically we want to get rid of the link that is created when we enter a room so that afterwards room shall not be available for anyone.
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There is no such functionality. Rooms are created the first participant joins and are destroyed when the last one leaves.
If you want to restrict usage to your service you need to add some authentication.

so in a nutshell we can not destroy a link completely so that no one can join the said room later? We can only put authentication to restrict re use of the link?

Yes and yes.

Thanks For immediately replying @damencho

i want to ask one thing here last week i configure jitsi server on my ubuntu server’s ip address and before 3-4 days i configure it on domain with delete old jitsi and installing new one with domain.
problem is that now jitsi is still working on ip address showing as not secure but on domain it is working with a valid certificate that is setup from lets encrypt.

please tell me here the ip address is still registered with the jitsi-meet or what else.


Every webserver can serve you the content using the domain name and using the ip-address, so this is normal.
Showing not secure is also normal, as the browser connects to the ip-address and tries to check the certificate which is for the domain name, they do not match so tha’s why you see not secure.

@damencho can i stop ip address to redirecting to the jitsi landing will only accessible from the domain name.

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