How many user we can registered on our jitsi

I want to registered multiple user on jitsi by using following command

sudo prosodyctl register user your_domain password

Is their any limitation for number of registered user in jitsi or i can registered user as many i want

There’s no limitation. You’re basically creating Prosody accounts. Nothing limits you, so long as they’re not all accessing at the same time (if you have a lot of registered users).

We are creating multiple hosts by this command, and those hosts will create multiple meetings at same time . Can we do that? and if it is possible as you mentioned is their any specific issue which they might faced.

There’s no issue with the number of accounts you create in Prosody, the only issue you can anticipate is the same issue you’d anticipate with any Jitsi installation - available resources. You are only limited by the resources you’ve made available to Jitsi.