How many shards are required for Jitsi to have support for 5000 participants

Hi Team,

How many shards are required for Jitsi to have support for 5000 participants? if we have a multi JVB application with Multi Shard.

I know there are some restrictions on Jicofo and prosody on the no of users its supports.

I’m not expecting exact answers, but any suggestion would be highly appreciated.


Depends on the machines and the distribution of participants in meetings.
But for a 8core 16GB nodes, it should be two shards. And you will need very very roughly as this depends on how many senders you have: 20 - 25 jvb machines.

@damencho, Thanks for the reply. got good idea on Infra perspective what we want.

Had one more doubts, I know for Jitsi with MultiSharding approach we required HAProxx because of it’s sticky table feature. Can we use NGINIX as well how so that user will be routed to proper shard or we have to go with HAProxy only ?

Haproxy routs you to the shard which have a running nginx. You use both.

I am using Azure Kubernetes so can not use both. With HAProxy in Kubernetes, not all configurations are supported hence thinking of another option like NGINIX which won’t support sticky tables or any other alternative which support sticky tables ?

You need something that can stick sessions based on a url parameter.