How many sessions

we have one main server (connection is 10 GBit, RAM=192 GB) runing jicofo, prosody and jitsi-meet, another 5 machines running additional videobridges (connection is 1 GBit). So is that enough to host about 80 conferences with about 20 participants each? Does anyone have experience and can give me tips?


Yes, this should be fine with Octo.

Sorry, what is Octo?

Octo is used for load balancing between multiple videobridges. You can check it out here - jitsi-videobridge/ at master · jitsi/jitsi-videobridge · GitHub

But the main machine is already doing load balancing with the other 5 machines. Isn’t that enough?

20 participants per meeting will be fine and without octo enabled.

@Werner_Winter my apologies! Octo is actually for region-scaling. So as said, you should be fine.