How many people simultaneously in tile view screen?

Hello. I need to use to take a team photo of 22 people and was wondering how many can be viewed in tile view at the same time. The idea is to have them all on my screen and take a screen shot so that we can have a group photo as the lock-down means we cannot actually meet.
Thank you

I have been wondering this myself.

I have had up to 20 participants in the tile view, but I did not have more than 20 participants, so I cannot say about 22. We usually have around 10 to 12 participants.

Can you ask everyone to join a meeting in and give it a go?

Please let me know, I am curious what happens when viewing in Tile view after 20 participants, or even say, 50? Not that I have a need for this, just curious.

Thank you so much.

I never even knew you can have as many as 20 . I am considering a rehearsal but some of the participants haven’t replied yet. \I will post the results if we finally go ahead with the plan.

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Jitsi Meet used to show all participants at once in tile view but recently changed that to dynamically (?) fit a fixed number into a scrolled view unfortunately.


I wonder when and what actually changed?