How many participants with 4vCPU possible?

we are evaluating jitsi as on premise installation.
our test virtual server has 4 vCPUs and only 2gb of ram. with 5 participants we have a load up to 80%. jitsi is deployed in docker containers.

  1. is that the usual load?
  2. changing the qualiaty of video streams in web gui didn’t change anything. why?
  3. what makes more sense: more CPU or more RAM to increase max participants?
  4. i have an nginx for SSL termination in front of jitsi on the same server. should i separate it onto another box?
  5. how can i set max and min qualities in jitsi-docker?

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If you can use a dedicated server, not using a virtual machine because the virtual machine hurt network performance, and have access to a 1gigabit up and down link then you should be able to host 120 users and possibly more using one server.

You need at least 4gb of ram. The videobridge will crash using only 2gb of ram because it is configured to use up to 3gb of heap.

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Thanks, then i will increase RAM. Will more than 4gb RAM improve Performance, or ist ist only related to CPU and Network?
A real server ist not available, so i have to tune my virtual Machines as far as possible.

just wanted to inform, taht increasing the ram did the trick. usually the system load is now about 50%, which is really ok.
tested with one conference with 30 participants (only 4 participant’s videos were trnasported) and had some issues, i think it was in most of the cases local issues (network etc.), but maybe we have some issues on our vm as well - network was more or less limited at 100mbit/s - although a 1gibt interface is used in vm configuration.
is that something that could be a problem maybe because of a misconfiguration in vmware or jitsi or linux (ubuntu)?