How many participants per conference?

Hi all,

I want to host a conference with 150 participants. Only one person would share the screen and the other participants could be audio and video muted. The server is configured with 4 CPUs, 8GB RAM and one JVB. CPU and RAM could be scaled if necessary. Is that possible with this setup? Are there any limitations? I would be very grateful for help.

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You might be a bit tight for 150 participants. Adding an extra server so the load is shared would help.

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@saghul Thanks for your answer! What do you meen with “adding an extra server”. Only CPU and RAM or also a second jvb? It would be good if one jvb can handle it and I only have to set the CPU to 16 cores and RAM to 16GB. Is that enough?

A larger server should do it too, yeah, and it’ll be a simpler setup.