How many participants can join a Jitsi conference?

I am currently organizing a meeting with people all round the world.
We will be about from 10 to 15 people.

How many participants max can join a conference?

Thanks for your help

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Hi celemence, welcome to the Jitsi community!

There is no default limit for participants to join. The conference will “adapt” to the changing conditions. If there is not enough CPU power or bandwidth to handle that many participants video will be turned off and quality for active participants will be lowered until the conference can happen.

You should be able to have a 10-15 person conferece without problems, let us know how it goes!


@saghul thanks for the explanation!

I have two follow-up questions:

  • Can you please provide documentation pointers for this throttling behavior? Where can I learn more about it?
  • Is it possible to indicate clearer in the webapp that the the performance is degraded due to resource limitations? The reason why I’m asking is because I believe I have experienced this behavior in Service availability: not functioning properly when not in p2p mode, but it wasn’t at all obvious that this is not a technical problem. Is this performance degradation signaled via API?
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it’s all answered there, i think.