How many participants can connect to a live video?


I am planning to create a video conference module for my web app using java and I am new to video streaming. I am wondering if how many participants can connect to a live video? Is more than 500 participants possible even though it is completely open source? I’ve seen others offer like 100 connections if subscribed. Thank you very much.


Do you need a video conferencing or streaming?

Jitsi-meet is a video conferencing it can handle multiple participants with audio and video, there are features like lastN where you can limit the active participants to the last N that were talking, and all participants will see/hear only those number of participants which will unload the server.

If you want to implement streaming you can add a jibri instance where it can stream the conference to youtube which can handle millions of watching participants.

For large conferences up to 500 we are working on it and the first step is the cascading bridges:
But this requires more complicated deployment with multiple bridges scattered around the globe.


Sorry for the very late response. Actually I need them both. Anyway, thank you very much.


Hi! I have another question about web conferencing. Specifically, how many participants can join the web conferencing? Up to 499? Let’s say if only allowed participants are 8-12, can others still join but can only see/hear those 8-12 participants? Like they can’t raise their hands and speak? Is this somehow related to lastN you mentioned?


The big conferences is something we will be working on in the following months.

When you enable lastN with a value with 8 for example, this means that if 20 participants join, you will see in the UI 20 participants but you will see up to 8 audio and video streams, the rest will be automatically switched off.


Is it possible to replace those 8 participants with another participant from the remaining participants? Thanks.


This is done automatically based on the activity. The last 8 speaking will be in that set.


Okay. Thank you very much for your assistance.