How many hosts can take live classes max at a time?

hello sir , i am developing online education system for my client ,i want jitsi live classes API integration to my online education system. but my client have requirement 50+ hosts can take live classes at a time. so my query is it possible?
50 hosts can take live classes at a time ? and as well as please confirm per host how many participants can connect.
please help me sir/mam

Hey Anmut, I see that not only me has such inquiry for a large scale video conferencing… I am looking actually for one which enables 1600 members to join… As a conference system. Quite difficult to find.
Start to understand that OCTO seems a module which can support large scaling… But I have no experienceee yet in this…
In fact it would be a great advantage if the default system of Jitsi would have it already installed or if there would be a 2nd program suite with all such modules on one installer…

Welcome to the forum, @ankit_dewangan.

If you’re using the free public instance of Jitsi at, the cap is 75 participants per meeting, BUT there’s a warning that performance starts depreciating once you go past 30-35 participants. If you host your own Jitsi, then those limits do not apply; you will only be limited by the resources you commit to your self-hosted Jitsi.

yes but please help me how can i create own host, please share pricing link or details for own host.

Easy way to create a Jitsi cluster