How many different simultaneous calls a jitsi instance can hold?

Hi everyone,

Let’s suppose I have an instance with multiple meetings calls running at the same time. Each meeting has 50 people with audio and video on. (Let’s say a m4.2xlarge instance)

I need to know how many simultaneous calls one jitsi instance can hold normally? I am aware that this is a hard question to answer precisely. But the point is I do not know today if that instance hold only 1 call or if it can stand for 10000 calls simultaneously (I am in a blind spot).

Can you guys give an ideia of how many simultaneous different calls a jitsi instance can hold?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I wild guess is 10 such calls … but I think the bandwidth will be the first to run out. But this is really a wild guess and I maybe so wrong …

Thank you very much. I will also pay attention on bandwidth which was not on radar.
Thanks indeed!