How many 1-on-1 parallel meetings can happen in a jitsi server hosted in 16gb AWS instance?

I am building an app that has 1-on-1 meetings. I understand for 1-on-1 meetings Jitsi uses peer-to-peer architecture. This is great for MVP. But to scale the application I want to know when I should worry about server load.


There is no exact answer to this. It depends on several factors and your specific environment. However, Jitsi is mostly dependent on bandwidth, so that should be your biggest concern. Depending on the CPU, a 16GB single server should be able to handle quite a lot of 2-party calls. You’d need to keep an eye on Prosody process to see when that starts buckling.

My understanding is Jitsi uses P2P for 1-on-1 calls, therefore bandwidth should not be a problem, right? Considering that roughly what is the range of total 2-party calls that can be had on a 16GB single server simultaneously? 100-150? 400-500? 1000?