How long can a jitsi session go for?

Sorry to ask such a simple question, but I couldn’t find the answer in the FAQ. We are running a ‘Shwmaeathon’ - a 24-hour drop in and say ‘Shwmae’ (Welsh for hello) - in a couple of weeks. We did this last year with Google Hangouts and had to start a new hangout every couple of hours.

What is the maximum length of time we can keep a jitsi session going for?

Are you asking about live streaming or just a conference?

For live-streaming and recording we have limitation of 3 hours on For calls we can guarantee 6 hours of calls there, beyond that we do not guarantee anything.
You can always host your own deployment and you will be in charge of these and in control of any restart.

Yes, live streaming the event, thanks. I’ll let our organiser know.