How jvb,prosody,jicofo is configured while using lib-jitsi-meet api to develop application?

Hi all,
Am developing customized application using lib jitsi meet api. Am able to enter into the meeting. I need a help in jvb,prosody,jicofo configuration.
1)How can I upload my application in my own server?
2)How my application referred all the above components?
3)Is lib jitsi meet api itself provide all those?
4)Following self installation guide for own server is enough for this kind of approach? Where can I approach all these?
Can anyone direct me in right way?

Yep, this is enough to get you started and have a working deployment. Test using 3 participants (3 tabs) that it works and you are good to go, you can always look in jitsi-meet for examples how it uses lib-jitsi-meet.