How Jitsi use webrtc sdp offer answer?


Hi team,
I wanna ask about how webrtc sdp offer answer of Jitsi. From what I read from Jitsi-meet code, the offer was created by Jitsi-video-bridge, not by Jitsi-meet, is that correct? Do you guys have any flow chart of the webrtc connection between Jitsi-meet and JVB.
Thanks so much.


We do not have a flow chart, I think. It is the jitsi-meet client which sends an iq to jicofo before joining. Then when the client and jicofo are in the room, and when a second participant joins it is jicofo which communicates with videobridge to open channels(allocate addresses and port on the jvb side) and uses that information to create the sdp and invite both participants to connect using the bridge.