How Jitsi monetize/maintain if it is free?

I’m about to use Jitsi API for my application, but then I think video calling is very expensive (3$/1000 mins is the cheapest API I can find other than Jitsi). Then how can Jitsi remain free (free to use, free TURN server, etc.) forever? Is there any risk that I should know before using this API?


If you are talking about there are those terms of service: Terms & Conditions | Terms of Service
You need to leave all the branding and any ads that are shown at the end of the call.

I’m talking about Jitsi API for developers to add the video call feature into their apps. Is there any difference for that?

You are talking about: IFrame API | Jitsi Meet? If yes, what I said is still valid.

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Thank you a lot!