How jitsi meet works and understanding the source code

I am looking for a documentation that explains how jitsi meet works in details and the flow of the source code
If that is not available, any recommendations on how I should read/understand the source code? Because I am quite a beginner and I need that for a project
Thanks in advance

Hello !

Welcome to the forum,

A good starting point would be to try to host a jitsi instance, by following this guide which explain how to deploy jitsi with Docker !

Then, when you have a working installation of jitsi, take a look at both APIs.

You can find both on the link I gave you : click on Developer Guide and it should be right there.

The iFrame API is based on the other one lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) and provides an easy interface to most commons task on jitsi (like muting someone, start a recording, grab network logs…)

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