How jitsi handle streams at receiver side, when one of the sender ( highest layer) stream becomes inactive

How jitsi handles the stream at receiver side , when highest layers becomes inactive and it was received by the users.

Let’s see with the scenario, sender is sending 3 streams (HD, SD and LD) and it is received by 3 users) and now let’s suppose due to the client custom constraints it will now send 2 streams (SD and LD) , HD one now becomes inactive, so all the receivers receiving remote streams becomes inactive for some duration which were receiving the HD stream (nkw inactive) (till the time encodings are refreshing and it looks to the users that all the remote screen are freezed for seconds). How Jitsi is handling these scenarios?

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The bridge never stops sending video, it just switches from one layer to another. In terms of the receiver, the video never stops …

What might be the case here then, because if i fix this sendresolution to higher and doesnt change, which is based on the user in my custom constraint, then this freezing is not happening.